Following this principle, our entire team members are continuously improved. Being in permanent contact with our customers through our partners network around the world, we improve HepyScreen ergonomics and the Service Manuals. We adapt software for our customers need from the different countries; we improved structure and consumables properties. Each one Operation has its Standard.
  • The main target of our engineers is to develop the innovative screeners that provide the same precisely diagnostics worldwide.
  • On the each one manufacturing stage all the units undergoes multisample quality control and as the result of Kaizen implementation, our customers have received HepyScreen of the higher quality!
  • All the necessary consumables are packed in the Periodic sets. Your staff will only do its work — the patients' diagnostics!
  • HepyScreen and its Software have an ergonomic interface that is simplified day-to-day physicians' functions. Intuitive control curtails the time and provides e-document flow. HepyScreen reduces physician’s workload and assures the maximum comfort during daily works.
  • Software updating is absolutely free for our Customers!
  • Each new HepyScreen Generation differs fundamentally from previous. Each New Generation is the major technological leap forward!