No one likes the losses, whether it’s time spent on waiting or a missed profit.
Any recourse to a supplier will take a time. Any shipping of a device for a recurring calibration or for a simple maintenance always affects profit.
We made it our mission to find the solution and came up with the general concept of TeleService!
This is the technology for HepyScreen technical condition distance diagnostic. The HepyScreen microprocessor gathers data about the state of all device units.
The TeleTest support system automatically and in the real time scopes and encapsulates all information we need to understand actual state of your HepyScreen.
This work goes on 24/7 and does not require your participation. In case you will find yourself having doubts about any of the operations all you will need to do is press ONE button! Data file will be automatically sent to us that same second.
A maintenance service carried out… sometimes.
In such a case, you forfeit your devices… always
It was so … earlier.
With "Replace and Detect" technology your Helicobacteriosis screening will be timeless! Your clinic will not waste any second on screener recalibration and will not miss any client!
We will send you a new cartridge contained sensor and all metrological significant ICs. You will only need to replace the old one.
Once per year.
That is the same way simple as in printer!