Thank you Year 2020 — Welcome Year 2021!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
A serious year to the World led Breath Analyzers to the New Level:

  • We have launched the New Kits Generation;
  • Entered the markets of four new countries;
  • Delivered HepyScreens to the leading healthcare institutions in several countries;
  • HepyScreen began to use actively for at-home checkups in locked down cities;
  • Our Team has grown to be joined by three Major Regional Professionals;
  • The Company's turnover increased 4X times;
  • Technical Dossier in French has complited;
We are grateful for the past 2020 and congratulate you on the coming 2021!

Let us epress the most heartfelt wishes of great development and growth to our Regional Partners and Clinics.

Family approach and HepyScreen will help you increase your Patient base.

Amazing holidays and extraordinary opportunities, Friends!
The First Commercial Batch of HepyScreen is shipped in Abijan, Ivory Coast
November 23, HepyScreens and Kits were shipped to our Regional Partner!
We are pleased to inform you that all is needed for successful and comfortable Helicobacteriosis screening could be provided by our Ivorian Regional Partner — Nexxon Care!
Please find below Dr. Benjamin-Chryst Guyssen contact details:

Company: Nexxon Care
Address: Abidjan 23Toit Rouge 212 Bloc 283 - Cité les Jardins
Phone: +225 08 67 68 76
The First Training on HepyScreen has done in Conakry!
HepyScreen screening is simple, patients need to breathe only!
Training doctors to use this new unprecedented and innovative equipment for comfort-oriented patient examination of health care reform has become possible today. So come here to do your check-up!
Well done Dr Julien Covhele!
Starting Today in Conakry!
Starting August 17, one of the biggest and cutting edge medical marketing agency in Conakry. Medicin Guinea begins Helicobacter pylori screening with HepyScreen!
Starting August 17, Medicin Guinea SARLU begins Helicobacter pylori screening with HepyScreen in Conacry
Kindly call or drop an email for fixing an appointment.

Address: Commune de Matoto sur la T6 pres du marche Enta-Nord, BP: 5023 Conacry, Republic de Guinee
Phone & WhatsApp: +224623608133;⁣ +224661830811
Hello, Ivory Coast!
On July 6th, the Partnership Agreement with Nexxon Care executed!
Dear Ivorean Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Dr. Benjamin-Chryst Guyssen for inquiries:
Company: Nexxon Care
Address: Abidjan 23Toit Rouge 212 Bloc 283 - Cité les Jardins
Phone: +225 08 67 68 76
Welcome you to visit Optimus-Med Medical Center!
Many Patients were screened with HepyScreen at 5* Medical Center of Chisinau!
Optimus-Med Medical Center is ideally fitted for families approach. Established in 2011 and focused on Ultrasonography, Gastro and Colonoscopy, Hepatology and Proctology.

From May 2020 Optimus-Med has turned to Helicobacter screening too.

Working together many year we have created a team of qualified specialists. Comparing all the obtained data on patient examinations, led to the conclusion of the high role of Helicobacter Pylori in the appearance of gastrointestinal diseases and outside gastric diseases (Gastritis, gastric ulcer and 12-perst, esophageal and gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, functional disorders of the large intestine, cardiovascular diseases and CNS, etc.)

An important part is the pathologies prevention and treatment of Helicobacter is the annual examination of the family (family's approach) and the re-examination after the course of treatment — an eradication control.

Children and elderly are the most vulnerable!

Insufficient absorption of iron and vitamins of group "B" leads to underdevelopment of children and decline of mental indicators (learning). Decreased immunity and inflammatory processes in the vessels lead to catastrophic increases in cases of viral diseases, particularly at this point in COVID19, especially in people of age. This leads to a decrease in hemoglobin, oxygen starvation and complications from the pulmonary and cardiovascular system, leading to deaths as well.

Simple, easy and painless examination of the population at Helicobacter Pylori by breathing test — Guarantee! The Way to Health and Full Life!

Kindly reserve an audience via Facebook official page:

Chisinau address: C.M. "Optimus-Med" Strada Nicolae Zelinski 22, Chișinău 2038
Phone: +373 799 22 275
The First Commercial Batch of HepyScreen is delivered to Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
On April 27, HepyScreens and Kits were delivered to our Regional Partner!
Dear Colleagues!

We are pleased to inform you that all is needed for successful and comfortable Helicobacteriosis screening could be provided by our Moldavian Regional Partner — Optimus-Medtechnics SRL!

Please find below Dr. Vadim Crudu contact details:

Phone: +37 379 922 275
Hello, Moldova!
On March 13th, the Partnership Agreement with OPTIMUS-MEDTECHNICS SRL signed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Mr. Crudu Vadim for inquiries:
Address: Bd. Dacia 4 of.94, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova
Phone: +37 379 922 275
Welcome you to Borjomi Palace & Spa!
Helicobacter Screening with HepyScreen and Helicobacteriosis eradication available at one of the most important Sanatoriums of Georgia
Borjomi Palace & Spa is a 4 Stars Palace and Spa designated for Families and Individuals. Its history date back to 70's of 19th century. Its cutting architecture steps us in time of fortresses. Borjomi Palace & Spa composes historical heritage with contemporary context.
Balneotherapeutic health resort takes place on the level of 800−900 above a sea level.

Kindly follow official website for fixing an appointment

Address: Gamsakhurdia st. 17, Borjomi, Republic of Georgia
Phone: (+995 32) 243 00 31
Starting Today in Baku!
Starting February 1st, one of the most cutting edge clinic in Baku — Az Evro Med Clinic begins Helicobacter pylori screening with HepyScreen!
Starting February 1st, Az Evro Med Clinic begins Helicobacter pylori screening with HepyScreen in Baku

Kindly follow official Facebook channel for fixing an appointment

Address: Yeni Günəşli, V massivi, Samir Cəfərov küç.2 (№ 33 Polis və № 31 Poçt şöbəsinin yaxınlığı)⁣, Bakı, Azerbaijan AZE1131
(+99 12) 478 18 48⁣
(+994 12) 478 32 57⁣
(+994 55) 753 67 07
The First Commercial Batch of HepyScreen is shipped to Tbilisi, Georgia
On January 22, HepyScreens and Kits were shipped to our Regional Partner!
Dear Colleagues!

We are pleased to inform you that all is needed for successful and comfortable Helicobacteriosis screening could be provided by our Regional Partner — Medical World Ltd!

Please find below Mr Levan Kobalia contact details:

Phone: +995 322 720 888, +995 595 72 08 83
Hello, Georgia!
On January 13th, the Partnership Agreement with Medical World Ltd signed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Mr. Levani Kobalia for inquiries:
Company: Medical World Ltd
Address: Krtsanisi str N 16, 0114, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
Phone: +995 322 720 888, +995 595 72 08 83
HepyScreen invites you to Tanger!
Kindly welcome to visit our Stand on 5th Congress SMMAD 2019
Dear Colleagues!
Kindly welcome to visit our Stand at the 5th Congress of the Maghreb Federation of Gastroenterology in Tanger Morocco!
Director of Alpha Phar, M Toumi Ayyada will present HepyScreen at November 21−23, 2019.

Venue: Hotel Royal Tulip, Tanger, Morocco
Find out more on

See you soon!
Hello, Georgia!
On September10th, the Partnership Agreement with Satakha Ltd signed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Ms. Nino Loria for inquiries:
Company: Satakha Ltd
Address: Gamsakhurdia st. 17, Bojomi, Republic of Georgia
Phone: +995322430031
Hello, Burkina Faso!
On July 17th, the Partnership Agreement with Anker Burkina Distribution SARL signed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Dr . ZAMBENDE MOISE LANKOANDE for inquiries:
Company: Anker Burkina Distribution SARL
Address: 292 Rue la Base zone 1 arrdt 11 sect 43 Ouagadougou / Burkina Faso
Phone: +226 70200076 / +22676600708 /+226 25370748
Email: / /
HepyScreen is in Ghana!
Shilomed Health Venture, our Regional Partner in Ghana, has launched website:
Dear Colleagues,
Shilomed Health Venture, our Regional Partner in Ghana, has launched website:
Kindly ask you to visit it.
Many thanks, Mr Collins OBENG!

Best Regards,
Breath Analyzers Team
Hello, Botswana!
On April 18th, the Partnership Agreement with Colossal Heights PTY ltd signed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Mrs Tshego Rakgati or Mr Gobonaone Keaosenya for inquiries:
Company: Colossal Heights PTY ltd
Address: Gaborone, Botswana
Phone: +2 677 389 86 35; +2 677 327 74 67
Hello, Senegal!
On April 9th, the Partnership Agreement with INNOV'TECH MEDICAL signed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Directeur Général Mr Birame CISSE for inquiries:
Address: 155A Soprim Dakar
Phone: +221 777375717 / +221 767375717
Hello, Guinea!
On March 21st, the Partnership Agreement with MEDICINE GUINEA SARLU signed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Dr Julien Kovhele BEAVOGUI for inquiries:
Company: Medicine Guinea SARLU
Address: Kobayah commune de RATOMA T5 Conakry Reg Guinea 5023
Phone: +224 623 60 81 33
From now in French!
Now we have HepyScreen® Screening Procedure in French
Taking into account the sustainable sales growth in Francophones Regions we have compose a Screening Procedure in French!
Much appreciated towards our Regional Partner in Cameroon, Mr Kenneth AGBOREBANG and his Company ROYAL ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING LTD for rendered invaluable assistance in localization of HepyScreen Screening Procedure!
Enjoy full experience using this link
HepyScreen On The Most Important
At the airplay of TV show on Russia-1 TV channel gave a plug about the only way for Helicobacter pylori eradication control
Show Host Dr. Alexander Miasnikov told about Helicobacter pylori, its pathologies, its eradication control and treatment. HepyScreen was cited as an example as the best method of control of treatment! link
Hello, Ghana!
On February 13th, the Partnership Agreement with SHILOMED HEALTH VENTURE signed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Mr Collins OBENG Poku for inquiries:
Company: Shilomed Health Venture
Address: Opposite Siloam Hospital. Plot 29 Block T, Kumasi, Ghana
Phone: +233 54 135 1119
Hello, Senegal!
On February 1st, the Partnership Agreement with DIMAT MEDICAL signed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Mr Birame CISSE for inquiries:
Company: Dimat Medical
Address: Route National en face EDK Technopole Dakar BP: 17077 Dakar, Senegal
Phone: +221 33 879 85 00 / +221 77 737 57 17
Hello, Benin!
On January 16th, the Partnership Agreement with ASKIS GROUP signed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Mr Fréjus KINSIHOUN for inquiries:
Company: Askis Group
Address: Bénin / Zou / Bohicon
Phone: +22 996 343 456 / +22 995 307 817
Hello, Mauritania!
On January 3rd, the Partnership Agreement with Global Treat Healthcare signed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Mr Kane Mamoudou for inquiries:
Company: Global Treat Healthcare
Address: The Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Nouakchott, KSAR. Socogim PS. 333
Phone: + 222 44 85 84 35 / + 222 26 55 10 13
Hello, Rwanda!
December, 13th, the Partnership Agreement with country manager Dr. Isaak Gakuru signed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Mr Isaak Gakuru for inquiries:
Address: Kigali — Rwanda P.O. Box: 1285 Kigali
Phone: +250 788 217 071
Whatsapp: +250 728 217 071
Hello, Gambia!
December, 11th, the Partnership Agreement with Ecomed Scientific Ltd signed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Mr Ebrima Nyassi for inquiries:
Company: Ecomed Scientific Ltd
Address: 48 Kairaba Avenue, Pipeline, Serrekunda, The Gambia
Phone: +220 4 391 113
Hello, Nigeria!
December, 5th, the Partnership Agreement with Medigold Electro-medical Equipment Company signed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Mr Ndudiri Ignatius Chikere for inquiries:
Company: Medigold Electro-medical Equipment Company
Address: Block B, Suite 09 and 10, Aosee Shopping Plaza, Festac 3rd Gate Alakija, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +2 347 030 161 791
Hello, Cameroon!
November, 23th the Partnership Agreement with ROYAL ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING LTD signed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Mr. Kenneth AGBOREBANG for inquiries:
Phone: +237 683 683 407
Hello, Democratic Republic of Congo!
The Partnership Agreement with Pharmacie des anges SARL signed!
Dear DRC Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Mr BUNGA FRED-ARRELL for inquiries:
Company: Pharmacie des anges SARL
Phone: 00243815549023
The First Commercial Batch of HepyScreen is shipped in Casablanca, Morocco
October 5 HepyScreens' Kits and Cartridges were shipped to our Regional Partner!
Dear Colleagues!
We are pleased to inform you that all is needed for successful and comfortable Helicobacteriosis screening could be provided by our Moroccan Regional Partner — Alpha Phar SARL!
Please find below Mr Toumi Ayyada' contact details:
Company: Alpha Phar SARL
Phone: +212 522 93 80 57 / +212 661 21 31 35
Hello, Crimea!
September12th The Partnership Agreement with JSC Khimlabservice executed!
Dear Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Marat Massalimov for inquiries:
Company: JSC Khimlabservice
Address: 297 573, Yashlyk st.16, s. Fontany, Simferopol dis., Crimea, Russia
Phone: +7(978) 768−46−40
Hello, Senegal!
July 12th The Partnership Agreement with Medical Center Senegal executed!
Dear Senegal Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Dr Diouara for inquiries:
Company: Medical Center Senegal
Address: Hann Mariste U55, Dakar, Senegal
Phone: +221 76 613 13 23
Now Marketing Kit in French!
Many thanks to Miss Alice and Mr Beugré Mathieu for kind help and pro-active approach at localization!
Through the kind involvement of our Dear Partners, from now whole Marketing Kit in French is avalaible!
Hello, Ivory Coast!
May 1st The Partnership Agreement with BM ENTREPRISE signed!
Dear Ivory Coast Customers!
Kindly ask you to contact Miss Alice for inquiries:
Company: BM Entreprise
Address: 04 BP 274 Abidjan 04
Phone: +225 45 711 561
From now in Spanish!
Now we have a Spanish versión =)
Taking into account the sustainable inquiries growth from Latin America we have made the decision to launch the website in Spanish!
Do it today! An experience of 64 most successful Russian startups.
The book of Elena Nikolaeva has published.
Elena Nikolaeva — journalist, moderator of RBC and Russia-1 TV channels, writes for Snob and The Expert. There is described the stories of the most promising Russian startup which already sales its products and services around the world. The one of them is HepyScreen!
The Way of Startups to The Big Corporations
Invest Foresight Business Magazine told about a thorny way of innovative companies
Ekatherina Petrova — deputy director on acceleration programs of Russian Venture Company told about global practice of acceleration programs and have provided some successful examples of companies which began business in Russia…
read more
Today is The BirthDay!
Dear Friends and Partners!
October, 27th is The Birthday of our Singapore Company!
We thank our Friends and Partners from all around the World!
Thanks for your support on our way of development!
This is the landmark for our business! Let us grow together!
Generatio  S told about the further development of Breath Analyzers Ltd
The Global Market is about 2,5 Billion people that have to be tested. We are working with Latin America, South East Asia and North Africa Countries.
"We have no drama it is gone alright. We have developed an ecosystem for our business in Singapore. Next week we will fly to Ireland to discover the possible ways for collaboration. We understand what some of the markets are closed for local entrepreneurs… Russian MedTech and Pharma Market is one of them. We are going forward only!" It is not usual confidence and optimism in relation to the project at technical entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, The Finalist of BiotechMed Track #gen_s_2014 Dr. Alexander Kozlov (HepyScreen — The Helicobacteriosis Screener) has these characters. In spite of the fact that Roszdravnadzor remains is unshakable, and it was not succeeded to start sales of the device in Russia, the team under the leadership of Alexander did not let go of the reins, and on the contrary — saw an excellent reason for development of global markets in this circumstance."
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation has told about HepyScreen
New Screener improves and cuts the price of urea breath tests for Helicobacter pylori diagnostics.
According to The World gastroenterology Organization the half of human population has infected by Helicobacter pylori.

The Changing World of MedTech
At invitation of Enterprise Ireland Breath Analyzers took a part at MedinIreland 2015
There were a few conversations and meetings on the sidelines of MedInIreland 2015
Breathe in a tube
There is published the Olga Budnik's article on
"The story of Dr Alexander Kozlov whose build a business on the sales of devices for Helicobacter pylori detection"
Our technique was clinically approved in The Veterans of Wars Hospital. Veterans thanked us: "Thank you, sons for discovering that!" Could you imagine they are 90 years old! In addition, what is the alternative for HepyScreen? Gastroscopy!!! It was proud for us to be helpful for Veterans — told Dr. Alexander Kozlov from Saint Petersburg, Founder of HepyScreen.
"Kommersant daily │Science" has published the article about HepyScreen
New Screener cut the price of Helicobacter pylori Urea Breath Test
The most popular Helicobacter pylori diagnostics techniques for today are PCR and Histology. Many works told about C13/14 labeled Urea Breath Tests but both of them IR- and Mass spectrometry and test material it selves are expensive and need to proceed high-level maintenance annually. Biopsy — is invasive and because of that is not popular in patients. The cutting age technique that has developed by Saint Petersburg Scientists Group call for game changing growth of tests quantity! They want to replace diagnostics from the operating table to Primary Care Level (General Practitioners Offices).
The Russian Technology Companies on The TechVenture 2015 Fair in Singapore
President of Russia's Council on Economy Modernization and Innovative Development Site has published the article about Russian Companies which participated in TechVenture Singapore 2015
September 21−22 in Singapore there took place TechVenture 2015 — One of the most important event in the meaning of Investments and Innovation in South East Asia! National Research Foundation was the host of this Fair.
On the stand of Russian Venture Company was presented 5 Russian Technology Companies: Alphaopen, CyberTech, Vision Labs, Breath Analyzers, Copter Express и CDN Video.
Born in the Crisis
The Saint Petersburg newspaper "" learned that the startups appears in Saint Petersburg at the last half year and has asked about its Founders. It was discussed how goes their business through the unstable economy situation.
Company: Breath Analyzers
Business: Breath analyzers for Helicobacteriosis diagnostics manufacturing Investments
Amount: $450 k.
Alexander became interested in development of mass technology for diagnostics of a Helicobacteriosis during study in postgraduate years. "According to a statistics, bacterium Helicobacter pylori that can predict a range of gastrointestinal disease already infected about 80% of population globally. But because of painful and uncomfortable diagnostic techniques it could be diagnosed only on the extensive-stage disease", — the entrepreneur comments.
The GOLD of Russian Venture Fair — 2015
Breath Analyzers Won The Gold Certificate of XV Russian and X Kazan Venture Fairs!
Breath Analyzers Ltd become The Winner of Industrial Track of XV Russian and X Kazan Venture Fairs!
Inventions of The Present Day: from virtual fortresses to perpetuum mobile
"My District" Magazine has found the most interesting innovative projects that can make a difference in The World, and touched base with inventors.
Medical Device for early diagnostics of stomach cancer HepyScreen
Dr Alexander Kozlov,
Inventor and CEO
HepyScreen — The Helicobacteriosis Screener was crated for mass screening and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. HepyScreen is The World’s First.
It enables to discover a bacteria that is predictor of gastritis, peptic ulcer and stomach cancer. The mass screening of Helicobacter pylori can prevent these issues.

To swallow? It is not obligatory!
February 2, 2015 the article about our company and HepyScreen was published in The Expert — the most important Russian business magazine!
— Give your advice: what is, in your opinion, necessary to enter the market? — To offer par excellence product that is necessary to the consumer, and to do it the first!
The article starts form the history of the invention according to Barry Marshal. That Helicobacteriosis is the family disease also. About gastroscopy and why the percent of early diagnostic is near the zero in this time all around the world.
Further represents the problem of patients that try to evade a control of eradication using gastroscopy. After that, we talk about undertreated patients, because a few antibiotics already do not work.
Is characterized a few techniques used in gastrocenters and special hospital departments. Therefore, all of this is painful or time consumption and, certainly, expensive. None already used technique can be applied on General Practice Facilities.
The next thing we talking about is our business idea of mass screening to predict the hard pathologies.
Our business idea is that all that the patient will need to do is only "to breathe". Everyone is ready "to breathe", you know.
The next idea was — to give a fast and accurate result of examination in 5 minutes.
Hereafter we talk about that HepyScreen is the only opportunity to control of eradication efficiency at real time — next day after start of eradication!
Because of that, the clinics have a huge growth of the tests quantity in 3 times for each one patient and moreover for all his family.
Immediately we talk about reduction of the cost and term of treatment by 4 times.
After that, we talk on project development from start until present time.
After that is described about "How does it work", "Production" and "Sells", "Calculator" - about our profit and expenses.
Finally described our year plan on the Hubs and screeners of small intestine disorders… orocaecal transit…

HepyScreen: "We diagnose fast, smooth and pain-free"
"HepyScreen — The Helicobacteriosis Screener" achieve Top-10 MedTech projects of GenerationS-2014!
Innovative diagnostic screener can find Helicobacter pylori infection — the carcinogen of Group I, and give a test result right after test. In 5 minutes only!
Breathe more deeply — you undergo examination!
The Moscow City Governments Newspaper "Tverskaia 13" told about HepyScreen
The Moscow City Governments Newspaper "Tverskaia 13" told about HepyScreen

Rose up with bacteria
The Business Weekly Magazine have publish the article about Russian' Biotech Startups
We proceed from the premise that it has to be smooth and friendly for both — patient and doctor, — exemplify the HepyScreen' success Dr Alexander Kozlov.- it came that is needed! In case of HepyScreen, GP’s offer our technology and patients undergone diagnostics with a pleasure!

read more
The Winners of GenerationS-2014
October 15th during Moscow International Forum Open Innovations there was unveiled four winners of GenerationS — The technological startups acceleration program.
The participation at accleration program in Singapore and Presentation on Seed Forum Singapore form LOGA Group goes to — Liomed, HepyScreen and BrainTarget!
GenerationS unveils the best technological startups of Russian Federation
HepyScreen is one of the Russia best technological startups.
October 15th during Moscow International Forum Open Innovations there was unveiled four winners of GenerationS — The technological startups acceleration program.
HepyScreen at Morning Russia
At the airplay of TV show Morning Russia on Russia-1 TV channel gave a plug about Open Innovation Forum
Breath Analyzers Ltd CEO told about HepyScreen and how does it work

HepyScreen вышел в финал GenerationS-2014
Yesterday, October 13th, at API Moscow there was a contest tension feeling! The coaching session of GenerationS-2014 half-final was reached completion! At the mean time it become a half-final of whole GenerationS.
The GenerationS' judges spend a lot of time to decide Who is The Winner of Session? There was a hot dispute… The First Place was shared between three teams: HepyScreen, Kera-tech and Quantum Cure.

BioTechMed: GenerationS voted the most attracted Bio- and Medtech startups of Russian Federation
September 23th Biotech Med Demo Day followed The Federal Level Acceleration Program GenerationS hosted by Russian Venture Company in Tomsk.
September 23th Biotech Med Demo Day followed The Federal Level Acceleration Program GenerationS hosted by Russian Venture Company in Tomsk.
10 Projects was voted to take a part at coaching session in Moscow!
The Saint Petersburg Industrial Expert told about HepyScreen
The Petersburger' Invention lets to cure the gastrointestinal diseases faster
The Petersburger Inventor developed the diagnostic method for fast Helicobacteriosis diagnostics, — reports The Saint Petersburg Industrial Expert
10 Bio- and MedTech Startup assigned as The Best in The City of Tomsk
Innovation Portal of Tomsk Region told about Winners of Acceleration Program
During International Forum "Pharmaceuticals Industry and Medical Devices" Tomsk State University and Russian Venture Company have declared The Winners of Russian Bio- and MedTech Startups Acceleration Program

"Fast, Smooth and Friendly"
Moscow News has published an article about HepyScreen
As we know, it was tested more than 18 000 patients already.