HepyScreen —
Helicobacteriosis Screener

We developed HepyScreen® — Helicobacteriosis Screener and method of diagnostics, having offered exactly what is needed — quick result!

How the complex technologies turn screening simple?

The primary health care is an outpost for extension of preventive actions, recognition of the early and hidden forms of oncologic, socially significant diseases and risk factors on the scale of the entire regions.
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Innovative systems implementation into the primary healthcare for early detection of gastrointestinal diseases make possible to receive quantitative result outside of the specialized centers and hospitals, it can be done by paramedical staff within the general practitioner's office.

We developed HepyScreen® and method of diagnostics, having offered exactly what is a needed — quick result!

New device for gastrointestinal diseases' screening has appeared within our range. It does not require any special knowledge — it can be controlled pressing just one button.

The ZeroDrift® elimination technology will remove the influence of possible discovery of ammonia other than in a patient's mouth on the test results.

Applying Response Renew® — the technology of recovering the sensor sensitivity guarantees the sensitivity stability throughout the whole period of its service life.
The unique technological solutions of the Pure Measurement will automatically clear the sensor after the each examination.

This unique mathematical apparatus allows reducing examination time down to 5 minutes. "One-Button-Control" — Simple control button together with text and sound support with StepView® — step-by-step guide tells when and what should be done, allowing the junior medical staff to able to undertake the examination without any assistance.

Compact and light, HepyScreen allows an examination to be done in a doctor's office as well as in a patient's house. Convenient bag for device transportation and necessary supplies you to visit your patients will not cause you any hassle.

With HepyScreen you will be able to expand forms of the organization and go beyond the usual approaches as well as increase in 3 times the volumes of initial health care rendered by citizens on the pre-hospital level.

As it known that, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) officially declared Helicobacter pylori carcinogenic to humans (Group 1) in 1994.

HepyScreen is the only system that gives the chance to control efficiency of eradication for the second day after an initiation of treatment that reduces the cost and term of treatment by 4 times.

Our guiding principles

Following this principle, our entire team members are continuously improved. Being in permanent contact with our customers through our partners network around the world, we improve HepyScreen ergonomics and the Service Manuals. We adapt software for our customers need from the different countries; we improved structure and consumables properties. Each one Operation has its Standard.
Customers' continuing concern
No one likes the losses, whether it's time spent on waiting or a missed profit. Any recourse to a supplier will take a time. Any shipping of a device for a recurring calibration or for a simple maintenance always affects profit.
We made it our mission to find the solution and came up with the general concept of TeleService®!